The ChangeMakers is one of the most realistic documentary series that inspires and celebrates great work done by enterprises, NGOs and the government under their CSR/ SOCIAL / UN SDG INITIATIVES.


The goal of the series is to highlight the outstanding work these organisations are doing and to shed light on their future ambitions. The series aims at changing the world, one community at a time when every story of change inspires the next.


The series began in November 2019 and its second season premiered in October 2020. It focuses on healthcare, education, community and skill development, disability and gender equality among others. It has covered some of the most powerful stories of community transformation in India and has strived to be a force of change right from the opening season. The series showcased the inspiring work of over 75 organizations across the previous 2 seasons.

SEASON 3 which is scheduled from Nov 2021 – May 2022, will continue to tell impactful stories that have the power to change lives. It will also continue to unravel inspiring stories that have been happening quietly in remote corners of the country.


However this time, the series will be in association with a new digital partner instead of TV – News18.com & First Post and is expected to reach over 150 Million people across the country. Not only is the move consequential of the immense digital shift that the world has seen post-Covid, but also a testament to the impact that the series aims to have in changing the world, one story at a time — in a larger way than before. Each episode would follow an intriguing pattern that includes a mix of interviews and on-the-ground footage of the work being done at the grassroots level.


To participate* one can reach out to info@thechangemakers.org.in  *conditions apply.